Style Guide

Colour Guide


Neutral Light Colour: For Background (60%)

10% Darker



Neutral Dark colour: text (30%)




LIghter ++ – Contact form background


Analogous 1: Brand colour (10%) – header, heading links


LIghter ++ – text box background


10% Darker- Contact form header background


Lighter – text box border



Medium – heading link hover


Analogous 2: Link Colour


LIghter- link:hover


10% Darker


Analogous 3: button:active


10% Darker


Analogous 3: link:visited

Style Guide

Heading 1

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Heading 2

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Heading 3

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Reusable Blocks

Jacqueline…help me build a better understanding of myself, my reactions and my approaches to relationships…

Being completely new to therapy, I initially contacted Dr Jacqueline Hayes around 8 months ago during a particularly overwhelming period and I was entirely unsure what to expect. I couldn’t have hoped for a more enlightening introduction to therapy. We set out some clear goals and expectations together and slowly worked toward achieving these. Jacqueline gently guides conversations and topics, often giving me new perspectives and asking pertinent questions to help me build a better understanding of myself, my reactions and my approaches to relationships and worrying situations. I am so grateful for each session we have had and have always looked forward to speaking with her. I have no doubt that Jacqueline’s support has enabled me to think more positively, clearly and proactively about everyday challenges which would have seemed much more daunting before.
Anon, Lewes